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General Music

Sample lesson plans for a general music class:

2nd grade lesson plan

3rd grade lesson plan 

4th grade lesson plan 


Upper Elementary general music program centered around South America:

A South American Tour, by Hannah Lemont

Sample  interactive games for general music:

Recorder Dice Game BAGE

Ta and titi Practice Powerpoint Game


Continuing Education

If you’re interested in the powerpoint and handout from my presentation “Barred instruments: How to get them and what to do with them!” at the Central Ohio American Orff-Schulwerk Association workshop on February 3rd, 2018, you can find those here:




If you’d like to access the powerpoint and handout from my presentation “Let it B: Student creation in the classroom through complimentary B sections to common folk songs” at the Tri-city Kodaly Educators workshop on January 12, 2019, they can be found here:




Children’s Choir

A musical analysis, 6 week teaching outline, and 1 full lesson plan for “Grandfather’s Clock” by Henry C Work, Arr. Henry Hinnant:

Children’s Choir analysis and lesson


Writing Samples

Lemont Philosophy of Music Education (2016)

Lemont Literature Review (2017)